Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photoshop's Too Cool Tool

This was a study from page 1 for new book for Kicks Club Publications by author Kim Robinson. The book, Have You Ever, is due out early this year. This lion started as sketch on drawing pad, and later scanned into photoshop to complete. This two stage process allows the great feel of pencil on paper, going through many sheets of paper and using that wonderful eraser. But photoshop still allows for layout movement, color choices, size changes and the history tool that I dearly love.
A great tool that I'm playing with these days is the warp tool. To use it; select part of an image you know you need to change yet not sure what is bothering you about it, go to edit, then to transform and find warp. Sometimes just a slight change in an angle or curve can be just what you need. Play around and see what is possible. I would love to hear you thoughts about this too cool tool. Have fun....

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