Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Educational picture book by Cythia Reeg with illustrations by Kit Grady

Doggie Day Camp: Verb and Adverb Adventures, an Academic Wings book and another book in the Pet Grammar Parade Series, by CYNTHIA REEG and Artist KIT GRADY.When timid Bubba, joins in the adventures at doggie day camp, he soon discovers new friends, new talents, and verb and adverb fun as well.

Guardian Angel has also released:
Down by the Shore, an Academic Wings release by MARILEE CROWE and Photography by MARY SUE ROBERTS.This book invites you to view life down by the shore through unique poetic prose and enchanting photos that truly captures its beauty. Inquisitive students who love nature will delight in learning how sharks inspire fear in swimmers and what kind of birds share a rocky ledge with sea lions. A star afraid of the dark, A Littlest Angel book by author/illustrator SUSANN BATSON.Sparkie shows children how to overcome their fears with help from others. Also counting from one to five. and Spirit Go To the Fair, an Academic Wings books by MARY JEAN KELSO and illustrator K.C.SNIDERAndy and Spirit work together in a riding competition. Although Andy can't walk, riding Spirit he is able to make his dreams come true.