Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Writing and Sitting

Writing writing writing.

My time has been spent sitting for long hours writing. With such a large project, it has seemed that I'll never get there. But now that I'm about 80% done, it is finally feeling ...  Can I say it? do-able.
Best of all I love it more than when I started.   Scary stuff, I know.

And as I've worked, I  have found a wonderful link with some amazing information I would like to share. Janice Hardy's Fiction University is so full of great, great things, I've bookmarked it way too many times. Thank you Janice. You rock.

Here's one to start you going-- Ten Traits of a Great Protagonist

Friday, May 1, 2015

Post Cards are Out!


I have my postcards back from printer and ready to mail.

A few things to remember as you mail your postcards:

Try to mail out quarterly- to keep your client refreshed on your new work.
Mail to art directors and editors.
Make sure your contact information is on front and large enough to be seen from several feet. (since many directors will post on bulletin boards)
Have information and contact information on back of card also.
Leave room for addressee.
Have proper postage.

Here is an excellent article by Art Director,  Giuseppe Castellano on Post Card worthly-ness. And how art directors really, yes really- look at your promo postcards-