Saturday, July 19, 2008

Interview with writer Cindy Reeg

Why do you write for children?

I love to share my love of words with children. I love to see them excited about reading and all the worlds that it opens up for them.

Where do you find your ideas?

So many people ask me that question, and I always answer them, "Everywhere!" I try to be observant of people and things all around me--especially in nature. Then when I brainstorm for ideas, I have a whole storehouse of information to choose from. And I just put the ideas together in a new way--like mixing up a new recipe.

In my latestest book, DOGGIE DAY CAMP:VERB AND ADVERB ADVENTURES, I got the idea for the day camp from the visits my own dog Holly loved to do at the kennel. The big difference between Holly and Bubba, the dog in the book, is that Holly was never worried. She is always excited to do day camp. And the name "Bubba" comes from a dog in our neighborhood. He doesn't look anything like Bubba in the book. He's black and white--a Boston terrier, I believe. But I just loved that name for a dog, so I borrowed it. Dogs and action words (verbs) seemed to go together perfectly. Dogs are almost always on the move. So that's an example of how I mix-up a book recipe.

Do you have any suggestions for new writers?

Read, read, read the type of books that you want to write. This will provide a new writer with examples of how to create characters and plots and how to use words. A writer needs to feel the words, to put them together like a musician creating a symphony. And a new writer needs to understand that good writing requires lots of rewriting. This is really one of my favorite parts--rewriting. I love to polish and make a piece shine. When I read it and get that "ahhhh" feeling, then I know it's really finished.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Amazing Tales

Here are amazing little tails, I mean tales of our four legged friends.
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