Friday, April 5, 2013

Revision with Direction

Back to revisions...
So now to another revision project. This one, not for a picture book but for a chapter book or possibly a low middle grade novel. Wow, this is a different animal I have by the tail with such a contrast from a picture book revision.
For example, in a picture book, all details that an illustrator can show would be left out which slices it down to a minimal text.
There is this huge pile of papers sitting on my desk and in my pc with lots and lots of pages and thousands of words. And now the instructions are: show don't tell, check for plot holes, make sure the character stays in character, keep pace strong, make sure dialogue sounds like real dialogue and so much more.
So I have my manuscript draft, my colored highlighters, index cards, sticky notes and a large chart I can fill with characters, themes, plots and subplots, time frames and other things.
Am I ready to dive in? I hope so.
If you are diving in too, I found this amazing blog by Anne Lyle, Revising Your Novel in Ten Easy Steps. (Oh how I wish It  would be easy) Also Cheryl Klein has a wonderful book out, Second Sight, which is full of amazing revision instructions and tips.
Let me take a big breath, and large cup of coffee first...

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Teresa Coltrin said...

I wonder if the readers (who are not writing) know what a huge job it is to write a book.

I'm going to check out your links.