Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Promo Piece

Another piece I use for mail out promotion. Usually a total of three or four art samples.
I follow up every four months with post cards. My post cards are one sided color illustration with a small spot art picture and all that good information for contacts.
Name, email and snail mail address with


Journaling Woman said...

I wish my sister would pick up illustrating. In the past, she sold drawings to a few magazines and then quit.

As you know I love your work. I am the least talented artist in my family. I can draw some- mostly people never animals (they don't look like animals)and this year have tried to oil paint a seascape which is pretty amusing since I know nothing about mixing colors nor have I ever seen an ocean. But I have a picture. I will finish it.


Kit said...

You have been so generous with your comments. Keep at it and keep after that sister. She is missing such joy.
Take care,