Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Malaprops, an Asheville Bookstore

Loving this neat city of Asheville, N.C. Why did I wait so long to come.
Excited about joining a new writers and illustrators group from the SCBWI next week at a wonderful bookstore, Melaprops.
But I must stay focused, get back to my wacom tablet and finish this project. A delightful book, Bradybug, by Donna Sheperd.


Nikki said...

Did you move there, or just visiting?

You have to find Studio B custom framing and art gallery. You can find it online for directions....
The owner's name is Patty and I used to work with her before she moved the gallery to Asheville. It is a beautiful little shop!

Kit said...

Yes Nikki,
This is my new home. I love it.
I will look for it. Small world, huh?